Our History

"Who lives it, it is who enjoys"

When passion for dance, folklore, joy, friendship and enjoyment come together, they reach the family formation of Takiri Folclor Latino.

Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, director of Takiri Folklore Latino, started dancing at an early age in his native country, where she learned the technique of international folk dance. Since coming to the United States in 2004, Pilar, of Colombian origin, has been sharing the Latino folklore; she began dancing with his daughters Ana Maria Diaz Rocha and Mariana Rocha-Goldberg and later joined with other Colombians with whom he created two groups that helped consolidate Takiri Folclor Latino late 2014, appearing first in Latin Quarters.

From now Takiri Latino Folklore has included members of Latino and non-Latino origin of all ages who want to be part of the family of Takiri Folclor Latino.

Since Latino Folclor started the group has performed at various events and international festivals, Latino festivals, parades, etc. Takiri year Folclor Latino participates in more than 30 events.

Awards and Mentions